Could you help me! I want to change the Wdt dynamically in a RG

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Hey @jones.alves
Maybe this freesh plugin colud help you

@it18, :facepunch:

I tested some free ones, but all of them using elemet id and none works with RG, I even tried to create the ID with the index but without success.

From what I’ve seen, I think he does too. I ask why should give the same problem in the RG


Whether you use plugins or CSS you will need to refer to an element’s ID.

The only other alternative is to use conditionals to set width/height dynamically.

Does responsive not work for your use case?

Help me there, my idea is to create a task the size of the element would be the time… build a timeline but in the RG the width the reference to the ID does not work when showing more than one element.

If you set the id of the element in the rg dynamically my plugin works.

To set the id dynamically use an ‘ID-current cell’s index’ setting on the element. Then when using my pluign to set the id needed to target, can set that up dynamically dependent on your use case since in Bubble there are so many ways to get the same result but usually the approach you take depends on your use case.