Could you recommend a bubble course?

Hi everyone,
Could you recommend a free YouTube or other courses for bubble. I’ve already covered the Canvas Bootcamp and I want to try something else

I recently saw a course on udemy Maybe take a look there. It was inexpensive, about $20
From the free one, you can watch the full tutorial on Matt Neary’s YouTube channel

I have watched them already, but thank you very much anyway :raised_hands:

Why free? It takes someone a lot of time to create one of these courses.

I respect their work, but if there are free ones I would go with them

The big advantage if you consider buying the course of Matt, he runs a discord server with a strong community, helps you personally with bubble issues and creates lectures suggested by course community members.

It’s not free like his YouTube channel but gets a newbie from zero to bubble hero in no time

Hey, @paramedic404

Check the Zeroqode Lab platform. There are both FREE and paid courses. To see a course you need to register. There are FREE valuable courses that really help to start building on Bubble - Bubble for beginners, a new responsive engine, template & plugin tutorials. Also, there are several courses, that will help you build full apps or app components. You choose what is relevant to you!

Happy building!

Hi :wave:t5:

Take a look at Airdev’s free Nocode bootcamp at