Countdown. is it possible?

I m trying to make an auction website.
When user is creating a new ad, he has the option to choose for how long this ad is going to be published.
1-24 hours. How can i make a countdown, that triggers exactly in the moment when user saves the add in the database?
For example if user has chosen that the ad should run 1 hour.

Regards Claudiu

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Not sure if this is the best way since it utilizes workflows, but I created a timer in an app using the “Every X seconds, do this” workflow. You can change a field, let’s say “User date” to 60 and then run "every 60 seconds, User Date - 1 and it would effectively be an hour countdown.

For example, my app allowes users to choose from 1-24 hours lifetime of the ad. Now i have created this

What kind of field should be the timer? If date, how can i choose only Time but not Date &Time?

Regards Claudiu

Hey Claudiu,

Did you manage to get the solution to doing a countdown without using a date?

I am trying to figure it out but I dont know how to solve this problem.

@william - you may be able to accomplish this by using Current Date/Time + (Minutes or Hours)[user’s input/dropdown value]

As well, check out AirDev’s countdown widget. (It’s date based, but you may glean some ideas).

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Dead link

Still on AirDev’s site, just a different location:

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Slight improvement on the Airdev version (credit to them in the first place) to make the math less longwinded.

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Hi guys,

Wasn’t able to find much on the Bubble forum but found this video which seems to work well, it’s in German but still great.