Create a Discount Button

I have spent hours and am stuck. I have a Table called Discount that has 1 row with 50% off if you use the right text coupon. When I try to use it on the cart page, I am either getting 0 or no data. Any direction/example would be very helpful…

Hi there, @vishaltaylor… can you share some screenshots of your setup? It sounds like you might have an input into which a user enters a coupon code, and you are trying to search your Discount data type to find a coupon with the same code so you can apply the associated discount. If that’s what you are trying to do, it should be pretty straightforward, but it’s hard to help without knowing what your setup looks like.


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After I wrote the above message, I figured it out :slight_smile :slight_smile: Ended up using Conditions to query the Table and than setting the placeholder accordingly. I am all set - thank you so much!!!

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