Create a new thing depending of the result of next page

Hi !

I am creating an app where people:

1- do a rating with different criteria
2- enter their email (as a last step)

I do receive in APPDATA the ratings and the emails.
But sometimes, people do the rating but then they do not put their email, and I dont want to take those ratings in consideration.

I would like to only “create a new thing” (the rating) if on the next page, the current user put his email. And I’m not figuring out how to do that.

I am wondering if its about discovering how to send the information of the RATING page to the EMAIL page, because I could totally “create a new things” only on the EMAIL page only if the email input value is not empty.

For the moment, I dont want users to have to log in, to set a password etc… I just want them to enter their email on the final page. So I think I don’t need to use the User type especially.

Thank you for your help !

You can send the rating as a parameter in the url when you navigate to the email page.

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How I handle this currently is by making the “Submit” button not clickable when the email field is empty (conditional formatting for the button element). That way the review workflow can’t be triggered unless you have an email.

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To add onto my previous answer, I would keep this on the same page. If it needs to be two separate steps, have the review in a group, set the relevant review information into a state on the page & hide the review group, and then show the email input group. You can schedule the workflow using the review information from the state, only if the email input is not empty.

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Sorry to get back to you so late but thank you both very much, I picked the solution of @callen.hedglen and it works perfectly and makes the app faster so its perfect.

thanks again for your help !

Sure thing, glad I could help!

Hi, one more thing if I may, what I have done is working perfectly in Dev mode but not in Live mode:
in dev mode all my ratings are created and appear in my database
in live mode I see one on 10 and if im lucky…

I use this workflow to create a new thing: (im guessing the issue might be here… )

If you have any idea how to solve this I ll bee glad !
I already checked and didnt find any differences between workflows or databases im using in Dev or Live ( of course except from the one supposedly created by the users: “the ratings data”)

thank you!

Hmm… here’s a similar example in my app of what you’re trying to do. Notice how “when … is not empty” happens on the button in the editor. I just do a normal workflow when the button is clicked, since I know everything is correct if it is being clicked.

Also, just to double check, none of your test data will appear when you launch live. Here’s some more info on that: