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Create a new thing for every user

I’m building an event management app. In order to send invitations and allow users to respond to an invitation I want to create a Booking for each user when a new meeting is created by the administrator. This would be set with a status of provisional, and at a predetermined point an invitation would be sent with a link to the item (via a slug). The user could then accept or reject the booking.

I’ve created the basic flow and data structure to create a booking, but now I want to automatically create a booking for each user when the new meeting is created. Any ideas on how I would do this?

The second stop would be to send an email with a unique link to each user. Is this possible?

Maybe you can create a database trigger event. When a meeting is created, trigger the workflow and create a booking for every user. For the email with unique links, you can add parameters to the URL.

I built an event management marketplace template recently. Hope this helps you too.

Welcome to the forum @james.copeman!

  1. Create an API Worflow to create a booking for a user
  2. In the same workflow in which you create the meeting:
    2.1. trigger the API WF on a list, being the list the list of users you want to invite
    2.2. trigger the API WF that you created to run recursively and pass the list of users you want to invite

In the same API Workflow (point 1) you could send the email. The unique link should contain a parameter with the user slug or unique_id, so when the user access it you could know who’s the user.