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Create a search form with a many-to-many relationship


I’m building an application to manage allocations.

In one hand, I have ressources (people with skills).

In another hand, I have projects.

I want to allocate a ressource on a project based on his role (business analyst), a starting date (01/01/2017), an ending date (01/15/2017) and a occupancy rate (80%).

I’ve already build a form to create a ressource and another one to create a project.

Now, I would like to create a form to search a ressource available according a role, an starting date, an ending date and occupancy.

You can have a look on it there : Form

I used to work in relational environnement so I think to create an allocation table to manage the relation many-to-many between ressources and projects but I just starting to understand that Bubble is more a noSQL database style.

Anyway, I a bit stuck on my form, do you have any ideas to unlock me?



I know what you mean, although Bubble is certainly not schema-less it is pretty structured. But Bubbles “apostrophe language” for drilling into embedded things is fairly similar to mongo’s “dot language”. The relationships are explicit in Bubble, but you don’t need to worry about Joins and Keys. You just drill down … or back up !

This topic discusses many-to-many. And you probably want an “allocation table” to store the relationship because your have associated data that you want to store. So a new data type with field types of Project and Resource … and then your start date etc.

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