Create a thing that has links to 2 other things

I have a data type “cameraman”, that has 2 fields:
adress and person
there are also data types of that type too:
adress: city and country
person: name and second name
here is the link yo the DB structure:

When I create a new thing “cameraman” it gives me the opportunity to fill only the fields of itself (adress and person), but What I need is to fill the fields in the other things that are:
city and country + name and second name.
What am I doing wrong? how do I address the fields?

Hi @dimitri,

You will need to first create the address and person things, and then add those to the cameraman thing.

The first two actions is where you will set the values for the respective data, and Step 3 is where you add those newly added items to your cameraman thing:

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I was that close))) thank u!

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whouldn’t it be better if I use custom states for steps 1 and 2 and then build “cameraman” from custom states data?
asking that because I don’t want to trash the DB with unnecessary adress and and person things…

I don’t know what you are trying to achieve, so without that I’m just guessing and providing examples that you can hopefully adapt to your actual need. :slight_smile: If you are trying to reuse existing Person and Address items, then you can do a Search instead of creating a new one.

u right)
nope it’s a new one, but I am quite sure there will be a lot of “cameraman” with equal address, so creating separate one for each of them looks stupid.)

But is we add geo address then the whole thing becomes pretty unique.

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