Create a timeline scrollbar like the Bubble Forum?

Hello! I’m trying to recreate the timeline scrollbar from the Bubble Forum. There are a handful of scrollbar plug-ins, but is this one from a plug-in or one that is custom made? How would I go about recreating this?

More specifically, I’m looking for a timeline scrollbar with the following functionality:

  • Vertical scrollbar on one side, with a repeating group on the other
  • Dynamic text next to the active part of the scrollbar that ties to the active RG element as you scroll
  • Text at the top and bottom of the scroll bar for the starting and ending dates of the items in the RG
  • Item in the RG highlights for a second once you scroll to that item on the scroll bar

Just FYI, Bubble uses 3rd party tool called Discourse for their forum, so that’s not a vanilla Bubble approach.

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