Create ascendent number string

Hei quick question

I m creating tax invoicing and I have to specify internally each invoice the number of the invoice during the year.

Now my question is: how do I write automatically the number of the invoice in a automatic ascendant way?

Invoice number: 1
Invoice number: 2
Invoice number: 3
and so on… I ve only seen the “create random string” funtionality…

Hoo boy. Start here: How to achieve Unique, Sequential Numbers Reliably? - #57 by morgan… and READ THIS ENTIRE THREAD.

Pro-tip: There is no reason for you to do this.

Until you have a law requiring progressive consecutive numbers :laughing:

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Hei @keith thanks for the answer
What do you mean there is no need to do this?

Hei @dorilama
you are right they do not have to be consecutive. But has to be progressive within the year.
So was thinking that was easy to do but it seems it s not.

How would you approach then with progressive numbers then ?

The post Keith suggested goes deep into this matter.
As for invoices, if you don’t need consecutive numbers and the frequency at which you create them allows you, a common workaround is using the current date up to the resolution you require.
For example: daily invoices 20230301, 20230305, 20230315 ecc.