Create items in bubble from mySQL database


Im wondering what is the best way to sync order data from an external mySQL database to bubble.
I have an external app (not bubble) that customers order on, and I want to get this data into bubble so it can be used and then update the external app with changes.

From my reading and video watching I can see two ways to do it

Method 1
Schedule bubble to check for new data in the mySQL database since the last entry at a time interval and then use the schedule back end work flow on a list to create the items in bubble? Or would it be better to use the bubble api to save this data to bubble database.

Method 2
Should I setup web-hooks from my external database/app to push data to bubble as each order is made in the external system and then create items individually. And then send web-hooks from bubble to my external app to update data there. If there was an outage in either it would be harder to get the missed orders into bubble compared to checking for any orders that are not in bubble.

Which way would be the better way? Is there another way to do this that I have not considered?

Thanks very much!


Any feedback on the best way to do this? Many Thanks.

@adam10 Your question is vague and asking a general “best practice” without specifics isn’t going to get you a good answer. I could recommend something to you but I have no idea if it would be the best option.

Maybe if you clarify what you are planning to do with the data you put into Bubble and how your users are going to interface with it, you might solicit a reasonable response from someone here.