Create multi 'page' form with dynamic follow up questions based on initial dropdown selection

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I’m trying to create a multi-page form that can unhide between 1 to 14 questions (within their own groups) based on initial selection from a dropdown. There are 14 selections in the dropdown (which I need to scale to more in the future). Each selection is represents a follow up question (or group), and I would like the user to sequentially go through each follow up question (one Q per ‘page’).

Scenario: if a user selects say option 2, option 4, option 8, option 10, and option 11 (5 selections of the possible 14), then the corresponding pages’ questions should show, one by one, each with their own ‘next’ button to navigate (or unhide) until the user has complete the final 5th question.

I have read lots on ways to create multi page forms, which in fact is more multi groups that give the UX affect of being pages, which is great, however my issue is displaying those pages dynamically based on the initial selection from the dropdown, and progressing to the next question via a ‘next’ button or similar. I’m not sure how I can create workflows to dynamically ‘navigate to’ the next page in the sequence — e.g. when the user completes the follow up question for option 4, the workflow should hide that group’s question and unhide option 8’s follow up question group, skipping the hidden option 5,6, and 7 follow up questions.

All suggestions or workarounds are welcome, I might be over complicating it!


If I am understanding your question correctly, i would create a custom state that stores each answer as its state.
Then in the workflow, set a condition to trigger that workflow to show each page, repeat for each questions answer.
I would suggest using groups, not pages as it will be a lot less resource-intensive, you can make it look nice by sliding the groups in and out

Thanks for @pmanester.

Setting a custom state that stores each answer as a its state makes sense, however I’m not sure I follow with the middle sentence of your response - could you please clarify the setup of the workflow?

Then in the workflow, set a condition to trigger that workflow to show each page

Are you suggesting to have 14 show element actions within a workflow, each with their own condition that checks the custom state per question?


on the 2 right workflows its the same workflow with a condition set, which is where you would put the when “custom states answer is xyz” , go to page or show group and keep repeating that for each answer

Re your last paragraph, yes thats it

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Thanks for your response @pmanester. I took your suggestion and combined it with using a URL parameter to load the relevant questions on the page load which fetched the relevant conditions from a table. I just ended up creating two separate pages… I was over complicating it in the end by trying to have the initial question AND also the follow up questions on the same page.

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