Create Multiple Things Based Off Number Field

I want to create a specific number of one kind of thing based off of a number input or field.
It can be for a serialized inventory system, for instance.


There is a thing, Catalog Item.

There is a thing, Inventory Item. A few of its fields:
Catalog Item: Catalog Item
Serial Number: Number

Inventory Items are created with a form:

Selector Input: Catalog Item
Number Input: QTY
Submit Button

When Submit Button is pressed, the system creates X number of Inventory Items. X = QTY.
Each new item would have fields:
Catalog Item from Selector Input
Serial Number auto-number or whatever format you wish.

You can use the “Toolbox” plugin to create a list of numbers from 1 to x.

You want the “list of numbers” element.

Then use this to schedule an API workflow on the list. So that will create your item thing X times.


Winner winner. Thanks, Nigel!

@jason1 and @NigelG Hope you guys are well. I’m trying to do the same right now but not having luck as I’m still a beginner user. Do you perhaps have an example of this / link to app that I could check out?

Literally a year late, but thought I’d reply to help anyone who is facing the same issue. Took me a couple hours how to create multiple items with one action:

  1. Install “Toolbox” plugin
  2. Add the “List of Numbers” element to your page
  3. Add “Start Number,” “Length of List”, and “Increment” to the “List of Numbers” element (Can be dynamic values)


  1. Go to backend workflow and create a “New API Workflow…”, and name the workflow. Click “Add Parameter” if you need to add dynamic data for the new things you’re creating

  1. In the workflow select “Create a new thing…”, and update the key value pairs as needed for the thing you are going to create. This is where you can use parameters for dynamic data.

  2. Go back to the workflow of the page you were previously working on in steps 1-3. Create a new workflow that has “Schedule API workflow on a list” as one of it’s flow items (This will trigger the backend API schedule for every item in the list)

  3. Update “Type of things” to "number, and “List to run on” to “ListofNumbers A’s list”, “Scheduled date” to "Current date/time (See image below). Update “API Workflow” to have the same name you created in step 4, and update the parameters to have dynamic values if needed.

And it should work… It at least worked for me :sweat_smile: