Create several thing from a reapeting group

Hi everyone,

Basically I would like to create several THINGS in one click base on input in a repeating group.

The repeatinggroup is the days on the current month.
For each day you can select if you are going to work, and if so, you can write down what you are going to do.
In the end, you click a button “save and send” and there I want to create THINGS (working days) in my database for each days that are selected :

it looks like that.

The action would be something like :
FOR each line in the RepeatingGroup, IF DJ>0 THEN create a new DAY (AMP/PM = Dropdown’s value, TODO = Input’s value …)

The thing is that in a repeatinggroup it is easy to do if you add a button on each line with is what I’d like to prevent.

I do not know if I’m clear.
Please help :slight_smile: