Creating a diagram based on data

Like an org chart, I’d like to create a diagram that changes dynamically as the relationships between the data changes.
Is there a plugin/way of achieving this?
Thanks, Mark.

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There may be a plugin for charts…I think you can very easily go to the plugin section of your app and press the button to add a plugin and then search the plugin marketplace to see if there is one.

Thanks @boston85719
I found these at Zeroqode: No-Code App Plugins for Bubble | Zeroqode

Are you looking for a diagram based on data or based on DB schema? If the first as your OP implied, then zeroqode’s plugin isn’t the answer (as it rarely is). If you want DB schema diagrammed the plugin is a way to get it, although far from optimal.

Thanks @code-escapee and @boston85719 .
What we want to achieve is to display organisation architecture relationships where our app pulls together system and process maps identifying the function owners.
These appear in lists but what we want to have is that when a user hovers their mouse-pointer over an area on the list that a related diagrammatic view is displayed.
Any ideas will be appreciated.
Cheers, Mark.

Consider QuickChart’s GraphViz chart type: Using the QuickChart GraphViz API | QuickChart.

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Wow! Thanks for that @davidb.
That looks to be an excellent option :slight_smile:
Many thanks!

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