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Creating a mobile app for my mobile responsive website?

How can I easily create a mobile app for my mobile responsive website?

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Below are the four steps to illustrate how you can easily convert your mobile responsive website built on Bubble to an android mobile app easily using Thunkable.

Step 1. Create a new app and Drag and drop the Web Viewer component on the screen

Step 2. Add your mobile url to the Web Viewer.

Step 3. (Optional) Live test your app on your phone.

One of the coolest things about Thunkable is the ability for you to make adjustments to your app and see them reflected in real-time. To do so download the Thunkable app from the Google Play store. Select “Thunkable Live” from the Test Menu option. Open your Thunkable app and scan the QR code live test you app!

Step 4. Upload your app to the Google Play store or export your apk and share it with your friends!


This is the first I’m hearing of this service - It seems incredibly legit.

@emmanuel Can you chime in on this?


Amrita and Arun from Thunkable are friends of mine and the product is definitely legit. Started at MIT, went through Y Combinator and fully on board with the movement of building software without code!


Did you have success with the photo uploader (on Android) with webview with Thunkable using a Bubble app?

I am having the same issue, so I am treating my android app as a read and view only app.

That’s a really cool tool developed by the MIT grads… have used it for a couple of projects… and its just awsome . But there were a few server issues and loading issues with the beta. but still really good interface and usability. A thumbs up from me :slight_smile:
Here’s a blog that might help you build an app really quickly … have a look.

What about Apple products? Is there an app to test my software on iPhones?

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but can you upload images from your phone using thunkable because I did the same exact thing with dropsource but the main issue was I couldn’t upload images

Actually Thankyou o my gosh I love you so much I wish I saw this post a month ago it actually finaly works everything feels right now.

You not only saved me $40 a month since now I don’t have to pay a dropsource subscription to but more importantly you saved my sanity because now I can use bubble to create working phone apps I litteraly don’t think i could thank you enough. Also this forum seriously needs to be on the front page of bubble. I was drawn to bubble because they showed how you could create apps without using any code but without this workaround you can only build websites. Im not exaggerating when I say you saved some much of my time and so much of my sanity.

Andy Miller

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