Creating a new list of things database entry from a list of things


I have used this forum to get to the point to where I am now; however, I can not figure this last part out.

I am creating a learning platform where users can create new skills(a list of things) they want to learn. Within each skill, are subskills (a list of things) or Planks as I call them.
After a user has completed all the subskills/Planks, the skill is complete. The user can then promote these skills and subskills/Planks on an open marketplace so other users can learn from their learning path.
Database Structure: User->Skills(list)->SubSkills(list)

The Problem
I am having issues “copying” (essentially creating new database entries) these skills and subskills. I have created new database types to copy these skills and subskills. They are conveniently called: Promoted Skills and Promoted Subskills.
I am able to promote my skills to Promoted Skills and SubSkills to Promoted SubSkills; however, my Promoted SubSkills is not saving as a list, only as a one-line entry in the database. I would like to avoid scheduling an API event because A) I am not super familiar with APIs and B) performance.
Database Structure: Promoted Skills(list)->Promoted SubSkills(list)

Can anyone help me out so my Promoted SubSkills save as a list and not just one line entry in my database?

Step 1: I create the Promoted Skill
step 2: Not important to this workflow
Step 3: I copy the associated SubSkill List of the Parent Skill
Step 4: Creating the Promoted SubSkill (also not sure why order is highlighted red and not working, cant figure that out

Step 5: Adding the Promoted SubSkill to the Skill

For context, link to the video

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Before I dive into the problem, I’m wondering why don’t you avoid it? Meaning, why don’t you do away with the data type Promoted Skills completely?

A user can have multiple skills. A skill can have multiple planks.
A skill (and its underlying planks) are either in the state of learning or promoted, correct?
Why not have a field on the Skills thing that you can set to either learning or promoted?

Or did I misunderstand what you’re trying to accomplish?)

Thanks for the response @rico.trevisan , sorry for the late response.

You understood most of it.

  • A user can learn multiple skills, each skill will have multiple planks.
  • The skill and its underlying Planks are first “learned” by the user and once a user learns the underlying Planks, the skill becomes complete. At this point, the user has the option to promote the Skill, with its underlying Planks (the Planks house the actual learning course links, etc.) to a public Marketplace where the other users can select and learn that Skill.
  • While a user is learning the skill, the skill is private to that one user. Once the skill is complete and added to the public marketplace, then everyone can see the skill and add the skill to their private learning area. So basically a user duplicates the skill (and underlying Planks) to add it to the public marketplace so other users can then add it to their learning area.

Basically, the skill will get duplicated by the original user to add it to the marketplace. Then if other users want to learn the skill from the original poster, they will duplicate the marketplace listing and add the skill to their learning area. So the marketplace Skill (and its underlying Planks) will get duplicated each time a new user wants to learn that skill.

Does that make sense?

@rico.trevisan any chance you’ve had time to look at this? :grinning: