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Creating a new thing to add to a specific users database

Hello! I’m having a lot of trouble using the functions “Create a new thing” and having it add that thing which consists of an image and text field to a User’s field which should be a list of those things. Currently I’m not getting any errors and it appears on the front end but it is not saving to a specific users on the backend. See some screenshots of the set up! Notice how in the backend under the Goal Check data type there is no user associated with each entry despite it being called upon in the Create new thing field.

Hey @themmara :wave:

That sure is frustrating, I hope we will be able to provide a solution for you. My first thought is, if you are not seeing the user in the database, then check the parent group’s user. It might be empty. If you are creating something in a popup, then maybe you aren’t sending the user to the popup. Or if it is supposed to be the current user, try using that instead.

Does that make sense? Let me know. :blush: Otherwise, some screenshots of the parent group’s data source might be helpful.

Thank you for this! I did some digging and found out that for some reason when I would “run as” a user but send the link to my phone it would automatically sign me out so all of my inputs were going to an “empty” user. Also went through and double checked the current user/parent users is linked everywhere so it is working smoothly now!