Creating a table for pricing

I would like to show a production cost based on a quantity (number) entered by the user.
For example:
1000 = $2
The qty / costs would be associated with a specific product.
So if a user enters a qty. of 2500 they would get a cost of $3.00

How would I do this?

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I can think 2 ways to approach this scenario

1 - Easy way
If is possible you can show some options for quantity for user. Create some options set with quantity and price.

2 - Data field way
You can use the data type Numeric range and create conditionals to show the right price.

I suggest to see the bubble manual about how to use numeric range


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First you need to define how the price is calculated.

Is it calculated with a formula?
price = f(quantity)

Or is it depending on price ranges?
price = X per unit if quantity < 1000
price = Y per unit if quantity < 2000
price = Z per unit if quantity < 3000

If price range, how does it work?