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Creating a "transaction" from multiple page choices

I’m creating an app that will allow people at our work check out and return keys for vehicles. Conceptually simple - create a list of users and vehicles, and when somebody wishes to check out a key, they click their name, then click the vehicle they want, and it creates a timestamped transaction.

On return, show the list of vehicles that are checked out, and click the key you have to return it.

So far, I present the users on one page, and the vehicle registrations on another. i want the user to click on the first page to select their user, then on the next page select the vehicle, then on the final page a summary of the transaction.

I keep going round in circles trying to build this “transaction” - and struggling to get the data to pass from one page to another.

Any help on how to simply achieve this would be greatly appreciated!

This is the app so far:

You could do this as an SPA, i.e. use hidden group method to give the illusion of pages, but in reality it all one submission.

Also, you could do a drop down to allow the user to select their name, and then another to select the vehicle.

However, what is to stop someone selecting someone elses name? If they are required to log in, then you already know who they are, so probably just need a single form for the return key transaction.

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Yeah, in terms of the app’s structure, if you’re creating a timestamped record then you must care about also getting the name of the key holder correct too. So if an admin is using the tool you can trust them to select the right person. If users are using the tool, then you can’t trust them to select the right person, but that’s not a problem if they have to authenticate into the app.

That could easily be done in one page. Just show the logged in user a list of vehicles available for checkout; when they pick one, set that vehicle as reserved and assign it to the user in one workflow. When the user comes back, just show them a big “check back in” button. You can do that by showing/hiding a couple groups based on whether or not the user has a vehicle assigned to them.

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