Creating a widget of my app, for clients' websites

I need to give clients (businesses) a mini widget (not sure if that’s the right term) of my website that they can put on their own website. My website is a marketplace where sellers offer open appointment times and buyers book appointments.

The closest example of what I’m looking to do has been done by Open Table. When a potential diner visits the restaurant website of one of OT’s clients, a small box with a few quick inputs is visible. When the person clicks the button, they are taken away from the website to Open Table to complete the booking.

I’m wondering if I can create this “widget” in Bubble and give some sort of code to clients for them to have their IT team put on their website.?

Thanks for any thoughts!

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You can create a new page in your app that is small and only contains the essential items you want embedded (such as just the schedule options and a button).

Then you can give an iframe code referencing this page in the source url. They would then put this on their website. Depending on their website provider and the end User’s web browser the iframe may not show, but I have found it to work well for the most part

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Thank you! I’m unfamiliar with iframe so I’ll start reading up!

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Thanks for your help, I do have one other question.

The iframe I show on each client’s website needs to be customized to display a dropdown menu with names of the veterinarians in their practice, to then display the available appts for each vet.

Would it make sense to:

  1. Create a field in user called “website URL”
  2. In the vets dropdown in the page I use for the iframe, have a condition that says, when the client’s website (not the iframe URL) contains [user’s “website URL”], show “user’s doctor names” ? In this case, the user is the client.

Is that possible or is there perhaps a more appropriate way to customize?


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The embedded page could have a Data Type set to Vet and then the Dropdown would reference that.

So every User would have a text field saved on them called “Embed URL”
An example of it would be:

In their account, you drop this embed URL into a snippet of example code they would put on their website.

Then when this widget/page loads, the Dropdown would reference Current Page’s Vet’s Names

Or instead of a Page data type, you could do a similar setup using a URL parameter (data type=Vet), and reference the unique Vet ID that way (get data from url)

Thanks for your response. I’m having a bit of trouble understanding what you mean when you say: “In their account, you drop this embed URL into a snippet of example code they would put on their website.”

Could you clarify? Sorry to keep bothering you, thank you for your help!

Also should I be referencing the URL in the page box’s Field for Readable URL ? Or just leave it blank?

You can leave it blank, when it’s embedded you don’t really see the URL so it’s not needed.

I jumped ahead with the account thing, it all depends how your app is setup to best tell you how to display the embed URL to your users. Might be able to get a better example together tomorrow