Creating Activity Logs


First of all thank you for considering reading this.

Second I am wondering if there was a way that I could create Activity Logs?

  • Users have the ability to enter in a ‘Start’ and ‘End’ Time and it calculates the total time elapsed.



Yes sure. Just as you said, you need a table or Thing where to store this data and at least 2 fields: Start and End. Then you just set your workflow to capture the start date and time and also the ending date and time. Then you can have a text field that shows the difference between those two dates/times in minutes, hours or whatever time unit you need.

Hello, thank you for your responce…

Although I am not quite understanding what you mean by that.

I two time inputs a start and finish, along with several questions that don’t pertain to the situation. I am still trying to figure out still, how to calculate the time elapsed.?

Thank You!

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