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Creating Like button

Please anyone help me with creating like button . I tried many things but unfortunately it didn’t work. Tomorrow I want to launch my product.

What is the issue you are facing?

Usual flow will be-

  1. Create the table lets say “like store” with column “liked user” , “to which you want to against like”.
  2. Whenever some like some post/user, add entry to this table.
  3. Whenever someone dislike, remove the entry.

That’s it.

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Please tell what are the conditions should I add? I
framed the database

were you able to solve this?

Why did you use this approach and not the “List of users” to posts? because I want to know which approach is better when it comes to performance.

I purposely avoid list of things if I think list will grow in future. List of things becomes very slow.

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I agree “based on my research not based on experience”.

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Hi @sivasai.bodapati ,

I don’t get what info you are trying to deliver by these screenshots? do you mean a list of users is better that a new data type of likes?

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