Creating Lists of Random Things

Trying to create a list of random numbers.
Wanting to create it from an existing list of numbers.
So, want I want to acheive is:
number source_ids = (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)
number random_ids = ( 5,7,2,10,6) for example

I’ve set the above as state variables, then click a button, to invoke a workflow to:

set_state of random_ids = random_ids:plusitem source_ids:random_item

NOTE: I’ve omitted ‘this_button’s’ from above specification of state variables.

This works, so each time I press the button, random_ids shows another random number.

It stops working after 3 goes.
Also, the random numbers are not so random. They are the same everytime it runs.
It actually returns (4,8,12) each time.

I’ve tried the same formula (using :plusitem and :random_item) on state variables, fields (with type list of numbers) and new Things with fields of type number (and inserting multiple records). All result in the same behaviour.

Any thoughts appreciated.

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