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Creating Store(Selling Beverages) App


I want to built an app where people can buy drinks to bars directly on their mobile phone. As for the logistic the app will need to have two type of regstration 1. as customer to buy drinks 2. customer(bar) that will recieve orders and payments.

I will like to know if this is possible with bubble, since for customer 2 will need to have an interface that will be the output of the orders.

Ivan G

Definitely doable with bubble.

You’d have to build in a refresh rate for the bar so their page would be updated constantly - that would be your biggest challenge.

It would be a web app - webpage. Not something you could download from the Apple app store.

Hi John thanks for your answer! Two more questions:

  1. Can I take a fee from transactions; while customer(bar) receive payment from users buying drinks

  2. Do you know where I can find information how to build in a refresh rate for the bar so they can constantly get updated with orders?


Well I’d start with doing the tutorials and watching the videos first.
Learning bubble does take time - estimate about 40 hours.

For your questions:
1 - Sure you can take a fee - if you use Stripe or other payment API.
2 - The refresh is probably in the forum - search for “refresh”

Last point - have you already talked to bars if they need something like this (maybe you run a bar?). And talked to bar patrons if they also would use something like this?

Best, John

Hi John,

Thanks for all the help! Yes this a product I will be launching in Puerto Rico, I only have a prototype and couple of bar interested in using my services. Since I ran out of capital and no coding experience, I decided to give bubble a try.

Ivan G

I think you’ve come to the right place then!

While I do have coding experience, bubble is very friendly. As long as you really want to build it you can with bubble.

Welcome - give it a shot and definitely post questions into the forum :slight_smile:
Best, John

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I would try reaching out to @natedogg, I believe he had created an app for bars that sounds similar to this a while back and he might have good input.

He also has some great courses that could help you use Bubble if you plan to make it a mobile app


Thanks for the help guys!

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