Croppie plugin bug

I am curious if anybody who uses the croppie plugin has experienced this same issue, and if so what they had found as a way around the issue if a work around exists at all.

Essentially the issue is that when a user browses and selects an image and the image is “loaded” into the croppie element


and then later selects to “clear the croppie” using a work flow action like below


and then decides to browse the croppie again and attempts to “load” the same image that was just “cleared” from the croppie, that the croppie does not “load” that image again ( I think this is a built in “feature” of the croppie plugin ) but does not show the image again.

Below is a gif demonstrating the bug…pay attention to the idea that when “clear” croppie is selected the image most recently displayed in the croppie and is selected on browse does not get “loaded” again or rather not displayed.


As can be seen, there is no issue with loading a previously “loaded” image a second time as long as there has been another image selected prior.

This bug is also affecting another aspect to my UX design when a user selects an image that is too large for a second time the warning isn’t triggered a second time.

I have a warning group that is not visible on page load, a workflow for when “image is too large” that will show the warning group for 5 seconds and then hide it. The bug seems to also affect the triggering of “image is too large” when the same file is selected.

Notice I am selecting the same image at the top of the list that is over the 2MB threshold set on my croppie element. The warning group shows the first time I select the image, but not on the second selection.


Ultimately the bug seems to be based around the idea that the image selected to be loaded “stays loaded” and is not recognized as a new image when selected a second time in a row, even if the croppie element had been “cleared”. This bug would affect the UX design in that I wouldn’t be able to allow a user to perform edits on an image and then “clear” the edits to revert back to the original image without having to first upload the original image…which doing an upload or save of an original image takes too much time and I am trying to avoid it until a user completes all edits of all images and is ready to save the images and move onto the next step of an onboarding flow.

I have tried to get some feedback on the showcase post on the forum with no luck. If anybody has any experience with this, or ideas of how to get around the bug it would be greatly appreciated.


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