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Csv upload with umlauts and de-duplication

I’ve the following scenario:
user wants to upload a csv file.
Those csv files can contain German umlauts and its often semicolon separated.

IF there is no thing with the same “id” it shall be created.
IF the id exists, two fields shall be updated.

Right now - I’m using “1T - CSV Uploader” and a workaround to create those things in a “_temp” table and after this is finished I’m starting a wf to copy those things into an other table with this duplication/update check.

Is there an easier way or plugin to do it?

You can do this with your workflow. It can be fast.

right now, my issue with this is that during the import process in the temp table everything is fine.
But when I schedule a wf on a list based on those things in the temp table everything will be created in just 1 thing.

this is how it looks like right now.

upload csv:

backend workflow - router:

backend workflow - import:

I think my issue is in the highlighted one.

Any idea?

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