Currency input to start with decimals

Hi everyone,

I have a field that requires user to enter a dollar amount. Currently, you enter the digits, then hit “.” and then enter decimals.
I want users to be able to start entering the numbers and last two digits will be decimals automatically. For example, if visitor needs to enter 52.61, they just enter 5 2 6 1 without having to enter decimal point. I have seen my banking app do this and makes input a lot easier.

I tried using a Input Mask, but it doesn’t work like that.

Example can be found here: jQuery Mask Plugin - A jQuery Plugin to make masks on form fields and html elements. Scroll down to Money field

if it is always the first 2 and the last 2 digits and not sometimes 3 digits, you can use "truncate from end to " and “truncate to” and put a fullstop icon/text in the middle of 2 inputs.
have the inputs be seethrough and put a group around both that looks like an input so the user doesnt notice.
eg inputs value: truncated to 2

Thank you. I found the solution using Mask Input plugin