Current page user option not offered

Hi! I’m doing a profile page and the dynamic Image data do not offer Current page user just current user… Here photo

Same thing with text

I typed it but the image do not even appear in the group…
I do not understand… please help!

Hi there, @carkent… the Current page user option will only appear if the page itself has its Type of content set to User.

Hope this helps.


Hi @carkent , first set the Type of content of the page to User and then you will get the option of Current page user from their you can call the image.
Like: Current page user’s photo

Great answer, @jangidrahul0494! :wink:

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Thanks @mikeloc :crossed_fingers:

Many thanks @jangidrahul0494 .it worked!

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It worked! Many many thanks @mikeloc !

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