Current-user data storage

Hi, I’ve built an app where people will log in and go-to page A. On Page A, there are some inputs that a user (currentuser) will enter and then using external APIs and the input given, an output will be displayed.

I want to create a database of those inputs against a particular user (currentuser). I am able to store that input queries in a database while calling the APIs too. But I am not able to store the userdata for the same.

For ex: I can see, a query ‘XYZ’ is added in the database. But I also want to see that ‘XYZ’ is added (or searched) by the user (User Name).

Can someone help me with it please?

Can someone help? Really looking forward to it.

Just add a User field to whatever datatype you’re storing the other values on, and set it to the Current User.

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