Custom content based on user profile segmentation

Hi All

I am very new to bubble - a medical doctor trying to create a HealthTech platform, just to give you a quick context to judge my level of technical prowess :slightly_smiling_face:

So I am creating a HealthTech platform, where the users will register and answer a few quick questions based on their existing health status. Based on the answers to the questions, the user will be segmented, for example having knee pain, or backache, or both.

Once the profile is set up, the user will then be shown custom content on how to better take care of their knee or back, as the case may be. Similarly, what exercises they can perform to improve their situation.

Can someone please help me understand how can I show custom (segmented) relevant content to each segment of users?

From what I understand so far, as the new sign up answers questions, I can keep adding relevant data to the database against their name.

What I struggle to understand is how can I then use this data (from the answered question) to show each user their custom exercise routine, etc (some of this content will be in the form of videos) on their home page once they have completed the sign-up.

Thank you for your help!

Hi there. Welcome to Bubble.

The Group element is the concept you are looking for here.

A Group is … a Group of other elements (including other Groups) or related information.

The Group, in your case, would be driven by the Current User’s data.

So you could create a Group for “Back pain in the over 50s” and set it to be hidden. A condition on the group would then only show this group when the User had “Back Pain” as something they suffer with and their age > 50.

If you lay these groups out in a big long list on the page, and set them to “collapse when hidden” you could even show multiple groups on the page at once.


You are building a great experience for your users. Juggling many things at the same time. I suggest that you consider bouncing-off ideas with a Bubble coach. Here the official list of coaches:

Best of luck with your app! :+1:t2:

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