Custom Data in API

Hi, very new to APIs so bear with me.

So in the POST URL, the long string of numbers (the ID) needs to change based on the user.

Each “User” has the Field “Discord ID”, I need to input the value of “Discord ID” into the URL’s ID area.

Would anybody be able to help?

put it inside brackets [] and rename the value to anything without spaces

Thanks, one more question too, if I have two API Calls:

1 - Get xyz
2 - Send msg to xyz

How can I get xyz into the second API call?

Two methods:

Copy the response xyz and fill it in on the second call.

Inside workflow tab pick up the response from step 1’s xyz

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Cool, relating to my initial question I need a bit more help so I will further clarify.

Step 1 - Get “Channel ID” from “DiscordID” (Channel ID is not a data type/field)
Step 2 - Send message to “Channel ID”.

As you can see here in my first step I’ve noted that the API should aquire the Channel ID from “DiscordID”. I’m not too sure what I should be putting as my “Value” image

I’m not behind my desk but your best option would be to read the discord api manual and see what you need to fill in.

Channel id shouldn’t be private.

p.s I’m not familiar with the API.

I know what I need, I’ve got it working in Postman with a static ID but I’m just trying to get a Dynamic value. The “value” should basically be xyz’s DiscordID

ah ok, then disable private checkbox and you’re good to go. Re-initialize your endpoint if needed.