Custom data types, sign up e login

Hi everyone. I’m new here and I’m in trouble with the data types.
When the user sign up, bubble creates a new default user, right? With email and hidden password at the Data Types tab.
I have 2 kinds of user, so I create 2 Custom Data Type and would like to register the user in the respective Data Type.
Is there a way to change which Data Type table the Sign up will fill?
For a while I’m doing this: Sign up -> Creating a new thing and filling the respective Data type with the register fields.

I have another question: the Login also search the User table, if I want to login the user with a field that is not in the User table, how do I achieve this without creating this field at User table?


Welcome to Bubble :slight_smile:

Yes, when you perform the “Sign Up” action Bubble will create a new User.

You can’t change where the User is created. But you can either create new fields on the user, or do as you are doing, and create things depending on which user type you want (with Only When…).

To login with something other than email, then you will need to search for the input field, and translate it into an email and then use the password.

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Thanks NigelG :slight_smile:

The login without using email is working, but I’m thinking if it is the right or better way to do it.

The way I did to find the email was:
Search for Professor:first item’s Creator’s email. (I set the constraint of search: field of professor = input)

Could this give me some bugs at future?