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Custom format for Input formatter plugin: only alphanumeric values

I am using the Input Formatter plugin (Input Formatter Plugin | Bubble).

How can I set it up in order to set a custom format for only lowercased alpha-numeric values (no symbols, spaces, etc)? What settings should I use?


Have you considered regex?


I believe this may help get you on the right track.

Thank you for your reply!

Where should I type that?

It should also be lowercased. So it would be: lowercased alpha-numeric values only

Here’s a resource that should help you out. As a disclaimer, I am no expert at REGEX.

Every REGEX formula I have ever used I got off of stack overflow. I usually just Google the thing I’m trying to do and add “regex” at the end

Thank you, I will wait a while to see if someone helps me to do it using the Input Formatter plugin, if I don’t find help then I will try the REGEX

Hi @jared.gibb,
Could you please explain me, or include a print screen of how I have to include the regex code to modify the input to accept just lowercased alpha-numeric values, or to accept just numbers and replace by a character (for example #)
Thanks in advance,