Custom frames around profile pictures

i want to present images in a certain style, like a custom framing around the photo, is it possible?

The image formatting options in the Bubble editor are limited to a border and a shadow.

You can do custom formatting if you insert CSS on the page or use a CSS Plugin.

you think if i use a background picture graphically designed to showcase around the profile photo, would it align well responsively on all devices? or it will be a pain to make it work?

That’s a workable idea. If your pictures are a static size then alignment won’t be an issue. You will need to make sure that your scaling and sizes are aligned - or better in a group. Just make sure that you test it in the responsive viewer.

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The only way that I could get this to work properly is to create the frame and the overlaid image to be the same size. I made the overlaid image a PNG with a transparent outer edge large enough to fit the frame. Then in the bubble editor you check the image option to retain proportions on resize.

Demo Image borders

sounds nice, if you can give me access to the editor i can better understand what you did.

Great looks btw :slight_smile:

It is a public app so you should be able to get at it here. (I believe)

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