Custom scrollbar plugins how-to

I am trying to edit the scrollbar in my repeating group element. I am using two plugins: Custom Scrollbar Free and Custom Scrollbars by Funhouse.

What I do is the following

  1. Double click repeating group.
  2. Appearance tab → ID Attribute, I write: new.
  3. Then, I drop the plugins in the repeating group.
  4. Appearance tab → Element Id, I write: new.
  5. I change the configuration of the plugin.
  6. I see no results.

Do you have any idea how to solve this issue?


Hi @sensei01

I’ve used this Sweet Scrollbar plugin in the past, which has always worked well.


Hey @robhblake

I think Sweet Scrollbar supports only Webkit browsers, i.e. only Safari. Can you confirm that? I would like my custom scrollbar to be supported by multiple browsers.

Moreover, I cannot customize the scrollbar with the Sweet Scrollbar either.

thank you

Ok, the issue is that with no elements in it, the scrollbar does not change. You need to have a list of elements to see the new UI of the scrollbar.