Custom state in Live version

I was constantly learning on the test version, but recently I saw the thread Data workflow order/behavior and got very confused. It is especially not clear how custom states work in Live version. I’m doing a small quiz and most of the parameters are stored in a custom state until the end of the quiz as list of text. And it is very important that the steps in the workflow are carried out sequentially, but now I am afraid that if they are all carried out in parallel, then some step will overwrite another one at the wrong time. Example: when stepping back, I want to substitute the number that the user chose in the previous step from the list of text and then subtract the last element in this list of text.

Can’t it be that step 3 will work before step 1? Or, for example, if at the first step in the custom state list, fill in a large list through the search and use this custom state (empty before the search ends) as a reference for the second step before filling it with the search. Is such a process possible on Live version? If yes, how can this be fixed?

Here’s my go-to for order of operations: Tip: Order of Operation - #2 by aschofer ← That should be in the Bubble Manual imo

By the way, I hope that if it works in test it should work in live.

Yes, that’s the problem.
“Frontend workflow actions run in order but the next action does not wait on the previous action to be complete before triggering.”
If you put a large list in the custom state at the first step and before the process is completed, the second step can start, which should have used the custom state from the first step, but at that moment it could be empty?
“The safest way to use data from one step to another is to use the “result of step X” operators instead of searches.”
This does not work with custom states.

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