Custom state list

I have a custom state that is a list. I have this notion that it works like an array and I can set/get each element via index. It appears that I can build a condition that references a custom state list element, however, when I try to set a state in an action, I have no way to set a specific custom state element. This is driving me crazy - I think I’d rather go back to javascript - appreciate any help.

Can you give an example of what you’re trying to do?

Thanks, @adamhholmes - appreciate the response. I have a custom state list that I am trying to set in an action. My presumption is that I can set a specific element in the custom state list from a workflow action, but in that modal, I can only set the whole custom state list and not one element:

Though it’s the closest thing Bubble has, lists aren’t the same as arrays.

  1. Vanilla Bubble doesn’t allow you to find an index in a list.
  2. It also (typically) blocks the storing of duplicate values.
  3. You cannot splice a new entry to position x in a list.

I agree btw, I think Bubble would be better off for those things being natively possible.

So that’s the bad news.
The better news, all of those constraints can be worked around with plugins - there are several @lindsay_knowcode’s List Inserter Plugin | Bubble for one.


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