Custom state referencing custom thing

Hi all,

I have a custom state referencing a custom thing. It was introduced to my application in an effort to make it possible to decide whether this thing was changed in a workflow: custom state was populated on page load and later on (in a workflow initiated after user submitted a form) I was trying to compare that custom state to the present state of the thing. However, it seems like I’m doing something wrong here. Looks like values of this custom state’s attributes always match to the corresponding values of the thing’s attributes in its present state, even if these attributes where changed after custom state was populated initially. Is it possible that in this case custom state behaves like a reference to the thing, not like a snapshot of it? If I create multiple custom states of predefined types (number, text, etc.) populated with values of specific thing’s attributes, it works just fine, initial state’s value is preserved through the workflow.

Perhaps there is another, more efficient way to track changes to a thing having multiple attributes?