:D please help about input form - I want make virtual keyboard

I want to make a korean virtual keyboard and I don’t see any plugin for this idea. so I make one for my own.
My idea is use button and input form. But I don’t have any way to add word into input form. (I used condition when button is pressed but it’s doesn’t work).

I found this

but in korean keyboard not simple like this. when I press ㅇ then press ㅗ it will change to 오
ㅇ + ㅗ = 오

You can use a state as the input’s initial content, and then use set state when a button is pressed. Not at a computer right now, but might setup a demo

:smiley: thank you for your help. I try this but I dont know why it have “,” before every word. can you help me figure it out

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