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Dang, why are these elements overlapping in responsive mode?

I can’t figure out why these 2 text elements are overlapping in responsive mode, since nothing is overlapping in the editor.



What is stupid Philip missing?

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Sometimes this happens when I have something hidden underneath it or near it. Is there anything else hidden on the page?

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Try making ‘Text’ fixed width.

@J805 That’s what I would have thought, too, but no hidden elements.

@marcusandrews That didn’t do it, but thanks for the suggestion.

Hmm :thinking:

How about grouping the two elements together?

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It might be because the text “Other” is affecting it. Try lining up the “other” text field. I always have to add empty groups that makes it even out. Try putting and empty group right below the field on the right as well.

That did it! Not sure why, but thanks @mebeingken!

(And thanks @J805 for the idea - didn’t need it in the end)

I have noticed that both grouping and adding blank groups to space things work. Either one works fine :slight_smile: Wish it were easier.

That was my issue! Thanks :slight_smile:

edit: “hidden” is the wrong word to use (I know you meant hidden = “not noticed”), if it is hidden in the config it won’t actually affect anything. I had a background element that was in the same group as the text - as mentioned above, all the text in one group and anything overlapping outside that group - that is what seems to work.

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Glad that helped. :blush:


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