Data API Modifying data issue

I have setup a test database to work with the data api. I have given it the right permissions etc and can GET (read) and POST (add new) items with Postman but when I PATCH (modify) I am unable to change anything and get 404 response.

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Privacy settings:

Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?

If your results are from Postman, then potentially the issue is that there is nothing set in the When field (highlighted in red). If you want it to be everyone, use current date/time is current date/time, which will always be true.

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The PATCH URL appears to be invalid. Don’t know if it’s just a forum typo or what, but that would certainly give a 404 (resource not found) if used as it appears in your post.

Ah, good spot - that was a typo, the PATCH request still fails

I fixed the typo in the original post

Thanks @AirDev that doesn’t seem to be an option for me as you can see in the screenshot.

Ok, I just tested this and was able to modify a record with no problem.

@phil7, are you still getting a 404? If so, are you sure that the unique id you’re using actually exists for that data type?

Good catch. You could put Current User is This User? Anything just to make the default be true is my thought process.