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Data Base Exporting

Is it possible to export a database from my app bubble to another app bubble in another account?

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It is - sort of :face_with_raised_eyebrow: - via a couple of approaches. You can export CSV data files, and then import them into another app on a table by table basis. I notice the manual is out of date ( because that works differently by emailing you a link to download the CSV file.

You can convert your app to a template - and then import the template app & database (including data) to a new app.

You could use API’s to create an import-export capability. (surprisingly easy thing to do with Bubble)

But I don’t know of a way where you “dump database”, “import database” old-school style.

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Thanks for the help, I really wanted to export the general data to import my file into another bubble account, but I don’t think it works the same way as importing an entire application :pensive:

How many tables, of what size. How frequently do you want to copy the data from App A to App B?

I’m just wondering if there was an easy approach using the Bubble App Connector. …

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It would be only once, but with all my current database, and in this case APP B would be in another bubble account, is there such a possibility? :thinking:

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You can set up the Bubble API connector between accounts. There is a bit of a learning curve to do that, and even when connected you’d need to create some API workflows to read from AppA into AppB. But it’s feasible.

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I’d love to know to!