Data base table dependencies

do dependencies between tables not exist in bubble? I saw that the bubble database is in postgres.

Have you ever used external databases in bubble? it is worth it?

Thank you in advance

you can mimic db dependencies in bubble (db trigger is especially helpful).

I’ve used an external DB in bubble and it may be worth it in certain circumstances, but just for the purpose of using dependencies doesn’t seem to be enough of a reason.

Absolutely! I put the questions together, but that really wouldn’t be the only reason. I really missed performing more complex queries. Bubble does not allow you, for example, to instantiate an object with a filtered column, for example, I want to select a ‘company’ that has ‘n’ contacts and save it in a custom state, but I only want some ‘contacts’ not all, it can’t be done. Well, I haven’t found a way, maybe there is, I don’t know.

You can limit a dataset to some contacts and not all. In terms of filtering for companies that have ‘n’ contacts, the best way I have found to do this is store the number of contacts (n) on the company table and use DB triggers to set the value so there’s no admin for storing such value.

Thank you, the way you described fit well.