Data from custom state in reusable element not available on all pages

I have a page to create new jobs and a page to manage existing jobs. I’m trying to give users the option to create a new job from an existing job. To do this I set a custom state on the header which is a reusable element and I’m assigning the existing job to the custom state. My plan was to then access that custom state from the create page so the inputs are pre-populated.

I’m stuck though, when I go to the create page the custom state is empty. Please see the screenshots below. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Custom state on header

Assigning the existing job to the custom state

Existing job successfully assigned to custom state

Custom state empty when accessing from create page

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Hi – some clarification…

Custom states can only “live” on the page they were created in. And if you were to refresh the page, the value would reset. Also, a reusable element is still created fresh on each page – it’s just pulling from a common set of instructions on the element.

If you want a value to transfer from one page to the next, your options are:
a) Pass it in a url parameter; or
b) Save it to the database


Thanks! Not sure why I had it in my head that the state value would be maintained. I’ve never used url parameters but I’ll give that a try. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome and good luck. You’ll see a few ways to pass data from one page to the other via parameters…

  • In the link element there are fields to pass data
  • In a workflow that navigates to another page, there are fields
  • Inserting the data dynamically into a link URL
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