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When trying to upload a CSV to “modify” a table I get this error message: “You are trying to modify some existing data, but haven’t selected a field for the Unique ID. This is mandatory”

How do I select a field to be the Unique ID? I have selected a field as the “primary field” (via Data > App Data > Primary Field Button). But that didn’t help.? What am I missing?

Hey @john.a.papa,

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Can you send a screenshot of what this looks like?

SureL first i click modify:

Then this:

then i see this:

Does the CSV have a unique id column?

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+1 @cmarchan’s comment. I think that’s the issue.

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Thanks @johnny and @cmarchan .

The data CSV I am uploading has a unique column of data, however, that column is not titled ‘Unique ID’ It’s titled ‘Entry Id’. I have created a database table of exactily the same column names in Bubble. The plan is the user will upload this data with a CSV export from another system. Rows with a new ‘Entry Id’ to be appended and rows with the same ‘Entry Id’ to be updated. I’m not clear on what constitutes a unique ID in Bubble.

  1. Does the uploading CSV have to have a column labeled Unique ID, or
  2. Does the ‘Entry Id’ need to be mapped to a field in the Bubble database named ‘Entry Id’ or
  3. Does Bubble need me to somehow mark the 'Entry Id’ filed as the Unique ID field?

If you could help me to clarify this that would help me past this hurdle. Thanks a million for taking the time to reply.

Unique ID is the ID automatically created by Bubble to definciate the difference between different records. Thus, it’s mandatory.


Entry ID can be another field in your user, but Unique ID is something that’s mandatory that Bubble uses.

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Thanks, 100% clear now. So my solution will not work unless I export the unique ID, update the CSV and re-import it. This does not work for my app users.

Is there another way to do what is the equivalent of a “traditional update query” where a CSV is imported to update an existing database in bubbe and either updates or appends data based on a primary key? For example, could I upload the full file to a temporary table, then use an internal query in Bubble to update a “master table”, then empty the temp table ready for the next update file? Or do I have to move to an API solution? What is your recomendation?

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