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Data no showing in "App Data"

Hi fam,
Sorry if the question is stupid, i’m just beginner on this amazing bubble :wink:
When i go to my “data”, “app data” i created a database called “all menu items”. Then, i entered by hand a “title” and a “pictogramme” in this database. The problem is that i can’t see all these data as a list. On the top i can read " 5 entries - displaying five". But nothing that i can read. I also try to go to live database but it was useless as i have no live version. ahah
I have bubble freemium as i’m still a bubble explorer, and i have too applications created.
Is this a problem of billing? Of storage?
Thanks for your help;
Have a great day


Ok i found the problem by myself, i’m using chrome and my zoom’s screen was +80%. I just did “command” + “-” to go back to a +100% zoom, and database appear.


I had the same problem. Thanks for the solution.


Tks, i had the same problem.

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You save me. Thanks!


thanks it worked

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It worked. Thanks.

Thanks! That worked for me as well!

Thank you!

Problem still here- thanks for solution