Data not updating in database?

Hi -

I’m getting something weird happening in my database. I am adding an address in the database for a property but, when I hit save, the address doesn’t save and the field is blank. I haven’t encountered this before. This is not being updated by an input field, but being updated directly in the database.

Any tips or idea what is going on?

A little more info might be helpful.

Is the address being entered a geoaddress field that auto-completes or just a text field?

Are you saving the address to a data field of type geographic address?

Yes, I’ve noticed this today as well. GEOaddress not completing the address. It was working fine yesterday.

The field is data type geographic address. When you add an address to the database, it would auto complete while you’re still in edit mode. Now it seems to auto-complete when the data is SAVED to the database.

But if you go back and EDIT the record, the address field is cleared out. CANCEL the edit and your data is still there (even though it’s blank on your screen), but if you SAVE after the edit, the field is blank (unless you filled it back in).