Data Parser returns value as a JSON text. How to use this?

I’m using the Data Parser plugin ( in my app to parse CSV files and it is returning the data as JSON format blocks.

I need to get the parsed data from the CSV and transfer them to a table but it returns as a list of text.

Is there any way for me to convert the JSON text blocks back into a format bubble can read so I can properly move them to a table?

Hi, Why don’t you use the native CSV import functionality?

Thanks for replying!

Unfortunately the native CSV import functionality is very slow and will take several minutes just to import like 50 rows.

The alternative I found is the data parser CSV. I’m sure there must be a way to do something with the returned JSON files right? Currently I use regex to get the data but there should be a proper way to read the JSON blocks without having to manually regex it everytime.

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