Data Privacy for Teams

I’m guessing there’s no way to do this yet, but asking anyway…

I am basing my app’s privacy rules around teams. Every user belongs to at least one team, and other data types (ex. tbl_project, tbl_kabana, tbl_meeting) can only be accessed by users of certain teams. (Ex: “Project X” gives viewing access to users belonging to “Team A” or “Team B”).

Sounds simple, but having multiple many-to-many relationships looks to be more complex than what Bubble is able to handle. At least, not without a ton of redundancies which runs the risk high for errors. It gets even more complicated when you want to extend the privacy settings to smaller things like tasks belonging to the project, or cards belong to a kabana board.

Any ideas? What am I missing?

Thanks in advance

I’m with you on having this need although I’m not quite there with my app.

For my purposes, the need is even more complex than simply teams. I envision needing roles for individuals within teams. Roles such as reader, updater, leader, admin. I haven’t worked out the details of what various roles will be able to do, but I hope to get to this in a month or so.

Here’s an incomplete ERD of what I have in mind:

I’ll be interested in how yours develops and when I get to it, I’ll let you know what I come up with.

Interesting, how many roles will you have? What if you hard-coded the roles into the team’s data-table and did away with roles?


I really don’t know how many roles I’ll have. All this permissions stuff is just a gleam in the eye so to speak. Then, going beyond design (or perhaps informing the design), I’ll need to learn more about how to filter or search based on a thing being in a list element within another thing or things. Having a better understanding of how to traverse many to many relationships (or even many to many to many) will be necessary to finish my design.

I can design data relationships I know will work in SQL but may not work easily in Bubble.

I think what you’re depicting will work, but I’d have to really lay out all the use cases and think about the Bubble search/filter spec for each.

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Yeah, I typically try to avoid lists at all costs in the bubble database as much as I can.

I don’t avoid lists. They should be one of the most powerful features of Bubble’s data architecture. However, I need to learn more about all the syntax* related to lists.

  • is it a sin to say “code” on this forum? :thinking: